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Lone Odgers

Hi! I’m Lone. Pronounced Lo-na. I’m in Nanaimo, Canada. I’m here to help. It’s my first instinct when I see and feel someone is struggling or in emotional pain. Helping is what I do as a Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, and now as a present-centered relationship coach. I’m a life-long learner. Growth and transformation are among my highest values. I invest time and resources in learning what I need to grow, transform and connect with others. When my husband and I separated after 32 years in relationship, I felt lost and didn’t know who I was. I wanted to understand what had happened and how I could fix it so I went searching for a way to reconcile. I found The Relationship School® and enrolled in the 9-month DPIR (Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships) training. What started out as a path to reconciliation became my journey into a deeper connection with myself and what I really want and need from a long-term relationship and partner. I’m curious. About you and your experience. And what it’s like being you. Here and now. • What does it feel like to be heard and understood? How does it feel to be seen as you are in this moment? • Are you up for getting in touch with your experience, staying with it and learning from it? • Are you up to owning your part in how you show up for yourself, in your relationships and in conflict? • Are you interested in upgrading how you listen and communicate, and learning how to repair after a rupture in connection? I seek connection through relationship. With myself. And with others. I believe that through and in relationship, we come to know ourselves and others, and through and in relationship, we heal, transform and evolve. In our relationship and work together as client and coach: • I’ll support and challenge you. • I’ll be a guide in helping you to have conversations with yourself that bring you into a deeper experience and knowing of who you are, and how you’re showing up for yourself and in your relationships. • You’ll get in touch with your resilience, creativity and resourcefulness and become more of an author of how you relate with yourself and with others. • You’ll get empowered through your understanding and insights to take action to create the connection and relationships you want. If you’re ready to learn and deepen into relational and self-awareness, and show up more authentically and wholly as yourself in your relationships, I’m here to help. Get in touch!