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Matt Hilliard-Forde

For much of my adult life I’ve been invested in a fantasy of what long-term relationship should be (easy, comfortable and sexy all the time, right?). I’d also perfected a damaging pattern of coping when the fantasy got shaky (as it always does). It took a massive and painful upheaval to fully recognise this pattern and begin to address the emotional wounds, entitlement and other blind spots driving my behaviour. My deep-dive into relational work began over 10 years ago with a book on manhood given to me by my brother. The gift came at a time when I was deeply lost about my role as husband, father to my young son, and a man in the world. That book led to an immersion in the ManKind Project where learning to be vulnerable around men, learning to identify and begin to feel my emotions, and supporting men in their own development became a mission for me. I found Jayson’s work when I most needed to develop awareness of my wounds and relationship patterns and get back integrity with myself and those I care the most about. My deepening understanding of Relationship as a Path – how our closest relationships show us where in ourselves we need to explore, understand, heal and grow – has been revelatory. Studying with Jayson since 2013, and becoming a student of The Relationship School® has put me on an amazing, no-nonsense path towards responsibility and awareness. The sense of possibility I now feel is liberating. My son and daughter, my family, friends and those I love deserve my best. Being a relationship coach aligns with my deep calling to support you on your path in fulfilling your goals for yourself and your relationships.