Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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Relationship Repair

How to get back to a good place after any conflict or communication breakdown

(The most important relationship skill you will ever learn)

Video Workshop + Ebook

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Relationship Repair

Conflict-Repair: The single biggest factor that will determine your ability to have a strong, secure partnership.

Many people think that secure attachment, or secure relationships, are built through finding the right person that doesn’t trigger you. 

This erroneous belief keeps people stuck in fantasies about relationships that go nowhere and lead to heartbreak. 

The truth is, security is built through mis-reading, misunderstanding, and disconnecting followed up with conflict-repair and reconnection. 

In other words, through what I call theconflict-repair cycle.” 

That’s right. Secure relationships are built by repairing and reconnecting after two people disagree, distance, fight, argue, or mis-read each other. 

So, my question is this: do you know how to do this 100% of the time with the most important relationship in your life? 

If not, learn how in my on demand class, RELATIONSHIP REPAIR.

This relationship training includes video lectures, a supplemental E-book, and an integration road map/action plan for your next steps.

Are you ready to take matters into your own hands and transform this? 

If so, get  Relationship Repair now.

Relationship Repair

 How to get back to a good place after any conflict or communication breakdown

Course Agenda

Class 1 – The difference between secure and insecure relationships

    • What your parents taught you about repair.
    • Conflict avoidance – two shitty choices
    • The conflict-repair cycle.
    • The single biggest difference between insecure vs secure relationships.
    • Three roadblocks to reconnection.
    • How to repair + reconnect: Technique #1.

Class 2- The 2 biggest threats to your relationship

    • Four disconnectors- what is your conflict style?
    • Outdated approach to intimate relationships.
    • Self vs Relationship (“standing for Three”)
    • Four pillars of secure attachment
    • How to repair and reconnect: Technique #2.


Class 3 – What are you fighting about and why this matters

    • Five types of fights.
    • ​Upgrade listening + speaking skills.
    • How to repair and reconnect: Technique # 3.

Class 4 – Couples coaching

    • Observe a couples coaching session and see the material come to life
    • How to repair and reconnect: Technique #4. 

This course is right for you if:

You are not sure how to navigate the conflict-repair cycle.
You often use apologies to try to resolve things.
You really don’t know how to handle your triggers or theirs.
You are struggling to see your part in the dynamic.
You’ve tried therapy and it doesn’t work.
You are motivated to get a different result.

Your Workshop Leader

Jayson Gaddis

About Jayson Gaddis

Jayson Gaddis, author, podcaster, speaker, and “personal trainer for relationships”, is a global leader on interpersonal conflict and connection. He got tired of complaining that street-level relationship skills are not taught in school, so he founded The Relationship School, an impact-based company dedicated to helping individuals, couples and teams work out their differences in order to have indestructible relationships. He is the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence® and Present Centered Relationship Coaching® and the Getting To Zero Method™. He’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 and has two beautiful kids. They live in Boulder, Colorado. When he doesn’t live and breathe this relationship stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.

“Jayson is an outstanding human and incredible visionary in the relationship space. I love what he’s doing with The Relationship School. He and his wife Ellen live, breathe, and walk what they teach. They are the real deal.”

Stan Tatkin

Founder of the PACT Training Institute and the developer of PACT—A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy

100% Money Back Guarantee

Because I am fully committed to helping you change your relationship and your life, I want to offer you this 100% money back guarantee. You have 14 days to test out the product. If you do the work and don’t feel that I’ve delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money. If for whatever reason this course does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email to [email protected] within 14 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you.

Secure Online Payment System