Scott manages the operations and systems of our rapidly expanding community.  He brings a career of small business ownership and non-profit leadership to The Relationship School®®.  Scott values living a life of service to others and his greatest joy is found in spending time with his wife and two young children.

Scott Risby

Director of Operations


Vanessa is here to support you and has a huge servants heart! She attributes who she is to her wonderful family, amazing husband and her two grown kids who have helped to make her successful. If she is not working with us she is with her family boating, dancing, playing with her dogs or dreaming of the beach. Her goal in life has been to be a great wife and mother and help others and she is very proud of accomplishing that and still chasing that goal everyday.

Vanessa Riley

Customer Service Liaison


Jennifer weaves threads of learning, teaching, and admin know-how into a tapestry of support and service in The Relationship School®. Whether she’s facilitating the Roots Community, helping TRS® students, or coaching, she finds the path of relationships rich and rewarding and a resource to heal, grow – and play.

Jennifer Morrison

Director of Student Development


Hannah Leigh is The Relationship School’s®® multimedia geek. Media files, recording equipment, websites and editing software are the tools of her trade. As a radio host, audio/video producer and freelance journalist, Hannah Leigh is passionate about the use of multimedia for social change and community improvement. 

Hannah Leigh Myers

Digital Content Producer