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We’re excited to introduce you to our awesome team members – from all over the world.

These are the folks that bring their talents and skills to The Relationship School in order to serve and support and take good care of you while keeping the engine running smoothly every day.

Jayson Gaddis
Founder, CEO
Boulder, CO

Fun fact: He hitchhiked across Alaska and Central America and has been to 48 out of 50 states in the US.

Rebecca Kevorkian 
Director of Operations
Firestone, CO

Fun fact: She is a former marine and spends her spare time helping homeless veterans and mentoring foster kids and their families.

Gary Nguyen
Student Programs Manager

Fun fact: Meditating… he had an intuitive calling to move to Colorado. Having never set foot in Colorado and not knowing a single person there, he made the leap to the Rocky Mountains. Three weeks later, he met the love of his life and are now expecting their first child!

Brendan McCormick
Customer Service Manager
Burlington, VT

Fun fact: He manages a homeless family shelter and loves nature, music and being active.

Brittney Williams
Client Relations Manager
North Richland Hills, TX

Fun fact: In one summer I did a study abroad in both Costa Rica and France.

Page Farmer
Marketing Coordinator
Los Angeles, California

Fun fact: Page makes the best Chocolate Banana bread in California.

Charlett Albert
Virtual Assistant
Lake Worth, Florida

Fun fact: I backpacked through Australia and New Zealand for an entire year visiting every national park. I worked on Australias farms picking watermelons and lettuce to finance this experience. In this year I did everything I always said I’d never do – and never felt more liberated 🙂.

July Cabigas
Web Developer
Cebu, Philippines

Fun fact: I used to work at an Apple store as a computer technician for 5 years.

Josh DeLong
Project Manager
Longmont Colorado

Fun fact: Josh spends his free time planning a Dungeons and Dragons game for his friends where he gets to take them on an adventure through a magical world.

Hannah Molde
Administrative assistant
Davao City, Philippines

Fun fact: She has a Labrador and Shih Poo that she teaches tricks during her free time.

Ashley Caulo
Social Media Manager
Asheville, North Carolina

Fun fact: My husband and I started our family and put our roots down for good. I enjoy traveling, board games, hiking with my kids and redecorating my house every other weekend.

Meg Walsh
Sales & Marketing Manager
Toronto, Canada

Fun fact: Meg is a psychotherapist-in-training, a yoga therapist, and a crazy dog lady. She and her pups walk about 85-100km per week and Love to snuggle up under a blanket to read with a nice cup of tea.