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I’m overwhelmed with gratitude considering the transformations I’ve experienced in my relationships. I love the effective tools, methods, and support that helped me embody deep confidence as a partner, coach, father, friend and beyond. I light up thinking about how growing in this way has had an exponential impact on my life and family – I can’t imagine a better investment in myself. My only regret is not “Getting this” sooner. Thank you for serving up “The course I never got in school” so powerfully. I can only imagine DPIR becoming even more powerful overtime.

Steven Srotir

44, Apprentice Relationship Coach

Since starting Jayson Gaddis’s Relationship School® launch this last September, I’m feeling grateful and changed. Taking the plunge into this powerful course was an important decision I’m happy I made.

With lectures and homework projects designed to spark understanding of how relationship works best, a high value of mine came into focus; the value of relationship as a path of growth. When I’m growing, I feel alive and curious. Once I realized that through connecting authentically, the more I grew, the more convinced I became that I was in the right place. Relationship as I’ve been exploring in this course, puts me on a potent path of growth. Continually coming up against my edges of fear and discomfort when in relationship and then very gradually learning to embrace these edges has developed for me a kind of muscle of relationship endurance all within the context of a secure place to be present in together.

The most impactful part of the course work came through the partner practices. Working consistently with the tools my partners and I had just learned in class; how to listen deeply, find the shared experience, share impact and even repair after a disagreement brought the techniques alive. Without this way of working, I could never have truly begun to embody this work and start taking the tools out into my life. I am grateful also, for the people I’ve been working with in the course. I feel a deep kindred warmth for them and in all our shared experiences.

The tools are making their mark as I’m embodying them with each experience in and out of practice work. I find I am more likely to speak up; with my family, my friends close and distant. And with that my relationships have become a fertile ground for growth and love. In short, this course has taught me to dare to come back into relationship, with curiosity and a sense of the possibility of connecting in a whole and fulfilled way.

Susan Clark

64, Relationship School® Apprentice

My experience as a student and apprentice in the Relationship School® has been life-changing. The teachings that Jayson offers up have really expanded my knowledge. I love the live webinars and the content that he brings and the way he delivers it. Even more important to me is the strong community of other students with whom I practice the skills and who help keep me accountable. The tools that I have learned have helped me to step more into my power in my relationships. They are practical and easy to digest and integrate into my life. I feel now a greater sense of connection to myself and others than I ever have before because I have learned how to step more into my own authentic expression without sacrificing connection. I wish I had learned these skills earlier since I am experiencing such growth and expansion in my life and in my capacity as a human. I am so excited about the mission of the Relationship School® to teach people the class they never had in school. In fact, I’m excited to say that through my involvement in the school, I have changed my career path and I am now embarking on a path as a transformational life and relationship coach. Thank you Jayson Gaddis. I am truly grateful.

Julie Gillaspie

Relationship School® Apprentice

Learning and working with Jayson Gaddis and The Relationship School has been like an education on steroids (in the best way possible). Through study and practice I am putting some significant pieces of my own story together to see more clearly the whole picture and to gain a much broader view and expansive space for myself to live in and to be with others, in relationship. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes I fall down and have to get back up. And sometimes I find a new key to unlock an old door! One by one, as I step through them, it’s as if I’m taking a long-awaited walk home to myself and into connection in a way I’ve always imagined possible – not the fantasy, but in real time and real life! I feel grateful and encouraged, more confident and capable, awake and alive. Thank you, Jayson!

Jennifer Morrison

Apprentice Coach, RS Mentor

Daxe Schröter

Relationship School® Apprentice