The Relationship School is an all free resource for couples and people in other relationships to be inspired, helped and trained.

It is our hope that you how live in a partner relationship, want to live in a relationship with a partner or have other relationships in your life that you wish to nurture, will get good value out of this site.

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Maybe you are experiencing problems in a relationship, maybe the passion has faded or maybe you are just curious in general about developing yourself in your relations to other people. No matter your reason, a warm welcome to you.

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We have run one of Sweden's most popular sites about relationships since 2005. Now we have translated it to English on this site so you can find some of our most appreciated articles.

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When people wake up in the morning and a shout a heartfelt yes to life, when adults feel they are in charge of their own situation and when the children celebrate lasting and nourishing relationships, then our message has reached its goal.

We hope you wish to contribute to that goal.

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