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How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Do you consider yourself a people pleaser? People pleasing does serve a purpose, but it can become a problem if you want to have authentic relationships. Learn more.

What to Say When Someone Says You’re Too Sensitive

Has someone ever told you this? “You’re too sensitive.” Maybe they just dismiss you and judge you, like, “You’re just too sensitive,” with a wave of the hand.  This hurts because as someone who’s naturally a sensitive person, you’re already judging yourself as too...

Why Are Relationships So Hard?

Should relationships be easy? Relationships nowadays can be difficult. There will always be challenges in a relationship, but challenges lead to growth.

When Someone Says “Now’s Not a Good Time”

Have you ever approached your partner and asked them something only to have them fire back, “Now’s not a good time”...? Hearing that typically doesn’t feel great, right? It’s a pretty good indication that the person is experiencing some irritation. Although that...

The 9 Most Common Relationship Mistakes And What To Do Instead

The 9 Most Common Relationship Mistakes And What To Do Instead During the honeymoon phase of any relationship, we are all very smart. It’s hard to do anything wrong because it all feels so damn good. It’s one big puppy pile and puppy piles are pretty damn easy.  ...

Why Do Men Watch Porn?

Why do men watch porn and why are men addicted to porn? Porn is an addiction for many, but why is it such a big deal? Let’s take a look into porn addiction.