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Neurodiverse Parenting: Raising “Differently Wired” Children with Debbie Reber – 414


This week I spoke with Debbie Reber, author, and founder of TILT Parenting which offers resources to parents of neurodiverse “differently wired” humans to help navigate these uncertain waters in a world where everything is biased towards “normal”.

We speak about how ADHD is considered neurodiverse, and often oversimplified as someone who experiences challenges with their focus when in reality it includes challenges with emotional regulation, impulsivity, misreading social cues, and rejection sensitive dysphoria. We also learn about the Autism Spectrum, and some of the terminology like “twice exceptional”, “masking”, “high-functioning” and “Aspergers”. And, of course, we talk about neurotypical-neurodiverse relationships.

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Don’t Settle But Go After This One Trait In A Partner – Jayson Gaddis – 413


Have you ever been advised by friends or family not to “settle” in your romantic partnership? 

Did you ever consider why you may be settling, or have settled in the past?

Do you believe in not settling because you’re waiting for “the one”?

In this episode, I unpack “settling” and offer three essential ingredients I think it takes to make a relationship work day-to-day and in the long term.

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Grief, Ending Relationships, & Suicide – Sherry Walling – 412


Have you ever noticed how grief needs to be acknowledged?

Have you experienced denying grief, running from it, or pushing it down?

Can you identify the importance of role modeling for your kids to be grief-literate?

This week on the podcast, we chat with Sherry Walling, a clinical psychologist, author, and occasional circus artist enthusiast. Professionally, Sherry specialized in traumatic stress, but when her father passed away, and her brother committed suicide her, professional and personal worlds collided as she navigates the painful waves of grief.

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From Codependent Helper to Effective Relationship Coach – Jayson Gaddis – 411


Are you someone drawn to helping others? Do you have codependent-ish tendencies? Have you always wanted to join a career that draws on your passion for helping others? Have you ever truly turned your pain into your purpose?

Check out this episode as we explore these possibilities. 

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How to Get Your Kids and Teens To Do What You Want Them To Do Without Fear or Bribes – Part 2 – Jayson & Ellen – 409


Ellen and I build on what we discussed in last week’s episode. We chat about the single most important family value to have and how it comes into play in how to get your kid to do what you need them to, without resorting to fear, manipulation, or bribery (whether you’re dealing with toddlers, teens, or any age in between).

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Borderline, Narcissistic, & Schizoid Personality Disorders with Carolyn Bankston – 410


Do you know the difference between covert and overt narcissism?

Did you know that it’s possible to resolve a personality disorder via relationship?

Are you familiar with some of the dynamics in a partnership where one or both people have a personality disorder, and what is there for me to learn about myself and reflect on if I suspect I am such a partner?

In this week’s episode I spoke with Carolyn Bankston, a clinical social worker who works with people with personality disorders. Bankston explains that a personality disorder is, at its root, an attachment wound born from a traumatic dynamic with one’s primary caregiver in the first three years of life. Carolyn shares with us the ways that a relationship is healing even under these pathological circumstances and speaks to the Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Personality Disorders in particular.  

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