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An Intimate Coaching Session With An Anxious-Avoidant Couple – 395


What would you do if you got 51 text messages from your partner if you needed space? What would you do if your partner took space and continued to be distant with no return time? These are very normal anxious/avoidant relationship dynamics. 

In this episode I coach a couple through their anxious avoidant dynamic. I hope it serves you.

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For Parents Struggling To Be A Team – Jayson and Ellen – 394


Do you find yourself often at odds or in conflict with your partner/co-parent?  Have you agreed to disagree and compartmentalize parenting responsibilities?  Are you stuck in your familial-parental roles (one parent = primary breadwinner, the other = primary parent)? 

If yes, this episode is a great listen for parents (or aspiring parents, parents-to-be, and separated-co-parents) who can relate to desiring more cohesive collaboration in their parenting game.

If you get a lot from this episode, head to to learn more about the course Ellen and I co-created for partners who need support learning to collaborate.

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The Nervous System, Deep Parenting, Jayson’s Journey, and More… Coffee with Jayson & Ellen – 393


Do you ever wonder if or how your kids experience your anxiety/stress levels? How does your nervous system and theirs inform one another? Do you take time to reflect on where you are in your journey as a human and how that may affect your capacity to develop resiliency?

Join my wife Ellen and I to discuss how being mindful of our nervous system can help us build resilient children.

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AMA: Managing Triggers, Keeping Score, And Disagreeing Too Much – Jayson / Ellen – 392


How do you manage triggers and share emotions at the same time? Ever keep score in a partnership? Ugh. Do you feel like you are disagreeing too much? Join my wife and I as we help you address all of these as it relates to your questions.

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Co-Regulation, Yoga & Our Kids–Coffee Date with Jayson & Ellen – 391


How do we help each other feel safe and secure? Tune in to listen to Ellen, and I’s experiential conversation series “Rando Chat” over a cup of coffee. In this week’s episode, we discuss our day, our family, and how we co-regulate just by existing in one another’s orbits as a couple and family. 

Enjoy the episode, and let us know your thoughts and feelings about this experimental episode in the comments.

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The Power of Meditation, Different Expectations, & Authority Figures – Dr. Reggie Ray – 390


In this week’s episode of The Relationship School Podcast, we speak with my former spiritual teacher Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Ray. I was also his TA in an undergraduate course on Tibetan Buddhism. This guy completely changed my life. 

Reggie is the @DharmaOceanFoundation’s co-founder and spiritual director, a university professor (retired) at Naropa University, and a highly respected meditation/dharma teacher. 

Our conversation covers a lot of ground, including how being spiritually minded is not necessarily synonymous with being relationally developed or particularly skillful, and the importance of treating every human with respect, despite any issue or conflict. 

Listen to the full episode to hear more about Reggie and his powerful journey.

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