You’re in!

This moment is huge. In five years, in fifty years, you’ll look back on TODAY and say “This is when everything changed.”

Take a minute and reflect on that. You just enrolled in the only curriculum on how to do relationships better. You’re making a stand for yourself, for what you’ll accept in your life, for the type of life you’re leading, and for the impact you’ll make on the world.

If you have kids, or the desire to have kids, this is how you’re changing their lives forever. You’re saying “Communication, trust, respect and vulnerability are cornerstones to my life’s philosophy. I am working on my communication and vulnerability so that I can make space for theirs.”

What an incredible thing to do!

Mark a note in your calendar, or in your phone. Today is the day. Everything changes now.

But with this change comes hard work. A lot of hard work.

Here are the details to get started…

Here are some VERY important pieces of information that you’ll need for accessing everything.

This is going to be an amazing journey. Thank you for trusting the process and showing up open-hearted.

Step 1: Join the private Facebook community here. It’s a great place to connect, share wins and challenges and get great support from your fellow self study travelers.

Step 2: Keep an eye out for login details in your inbox soon. This will contain your username and password. Follow the tutorial using this info to access your members portal where class recordings, homework and other documents for the course will live. Check it out!

Interested in becoming a relational leader for life? DPIR is the first step to becoming a Certified Relationship Coach. If you’re interested in our next LIVE Relationship Coach Training (RCT) Course starting in September, apply here and meet with our Student Success Coordinator Ashley, to see if that program is the right fit for you as you work through DPIR.

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