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The Fear of Losing Yourself in a Relationship

Do you have to sacrifice who you are to get or keep love? Hell no. But the fear of losing yourself in a relationship is very common and the good news is there’s another option and it’s right under your nose…

Lame Advice: Be Happy With Yourself First, Before A Relationship

This post debunks one of the most common relationships myths that the new age movement perpetuates. If you think you have to be happy with yourself before you enter a relationship, you may never feel worthy of another person’s love, and you may actually be blocking that love in your life.

Different Needs In A Relationship

Knowing and expressing your needs to each other is a bottom line item for a successful relationship, and ultimately a way to make sure you’re on the same page. But, what if you have different needs in a relationship?

How Some Men Show Their Love To A Woman

When it comes to feeling loved you might be speaking different languages. One of you values work while the other wants time together. Hmmm. How to deal? Read this.

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