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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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What’s Wrong With Wanting a Healthy Relationship? – Jayson Gaddis & Ellen Boeder – 482

January 16, 2024


What’s wrong with wanting a healthy relationship? Jayson and Ellen are here to break it down. “Healthy” is a poorly defined concept, which can create nebulous expectations that are impossible to live up to. If you’ve written yourself off because you believe you’re incapable of having healthy relationships, it’s time to level up and start focusing on how you can foster growth-oriented relationships going forward. Tune in to learn how you can set realistic expectations and define the relationship experience that you want. It’s time to plan for reality and aspire for greatness.


  • 4:57 – Defining what “healthy” means
  • 7:09 – Deciding on the relationship experience you want
  • 8:41 – Creating realistic expectations
  • 11:14 – Plan for reality, aspire for greatness
  • 15:00 – Don’t write yourself off
  • 16:49 – Growth oriented relationships
  • 19:17 – Action steps



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