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Shannon Birzon

Shannon Birzon

Level 1 Certified RS® Relationship Coach

I deeply believe in the power of relationship, both with others and self.

I have personally witnessed a deep transformation in my own life through the development of fulfilling relationships with those I love. My continual journey of personal growth has happened only through relationship – intimate partnership, family members, friends and the unwavering support and challenge of counselors and coaches. 

My deepest journey began a handful of years ago with the unraveling of my marriage. I realized my previous ways of being would no longer serve me in creating the life that I passionately wanted to live. If I truly wanted a loving, mutual partnership, I would need to commit to the painful work of looking directly in the mirror and let relationships fall away that no longer were serving me. This journey led me to The Relationship School and developing my career as a relationship coach. 

I believe that outer experience is a reflection of inner reality and that the work is to use all that shows up in one’s life as an opportunity for growth. This mindset has led me to believe that all happens for us, rather than to us. Embodying this belief, we can open our hearts to the full experience of life and truly experience a world rich with purpose and meaning. 

My process is to guide clients in unearthing their own personal truth and to bring that forward into their most important relationships. Whether you are dating, looking for clarity within a partnership or wanting to step more fully into your life, together we will bring to light any blocks standing in your way of lasting transformation.  

I am a lover of the outdoors, the mother of two young adults, and a continual student of growth, learning and love. 

I look forward to working with you.