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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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Does His Size Matter? – SC 93

By Jayson
January 30, 2017

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Here’s a good question from a listener. Essentially it’s about physical attractiveness and size. Check it out:


Question: I’m newly interested in a man after being single for 4 years, I have a 5 year old son.  My biggest issue is getting over the ‘drug-effect’ of having someone new and really discovering why we should or are together. I’m all about getting the ‘high’ and attracting guys who are physically fit and are the perfect eye candy to have on my arm.  Right now the guy I’m seeing is just the opposite and I’m having a hard time with it.  

Not only that, but his package is small and the sex is not good at all. In fact, he has not been able to even be turned on by me enough to have intercourse. That really hurt me, so we have not had sex since.  I’m looking for ways for us to strengthen our relationship after this experience and advice on how I can get past not having the physically fit man on my arm.

  • What happens if your man has a small penis… and can’t get an erection? [8:00]
  • We attract what we most need to learn [9:00]
  • What matters short-term vs what matters long-term [11:00]
  • Embracing yourself as you are [14:00]
  • How to approach a guy in this situation [16:00]
  • Not taking it personally [17:00]



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