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Masculine Woman Dating a Feminine Man – SC 109

by | March 26, 2017
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If you are a more “masculine” woman, chances are you’ll find yourself with a more “feminine” man. Is this a problem? Not at all. In fact, if you understand basic polarity principles, this can work to your advantage. Unless of course you want to keep blaming your partner. There is something simpler you can do. Listen for more info…



Can you speak to male/female polarity dynamics? Particularly when the female partner tends to have more of a masculine energy in the relationship – in terms of being type-A, taking action, wanting to get things done – while the male partner has more of a passive, laid back, feminine energy.
As the female partner with the more masculine energy, I find this dynamic really frustrating and wonder if it means I’ll be signing up for life where I will be doing most of the heavy lifting around all the practical dynamics of daily life?
I was wondering if this dynamic would be too difficult to sustain in a satisfactory way, although we are both growth-oriented, so that part is not a concern.

  • Why we get triggered by our opposites [3:00]
  • You go first (don’t wait for your partner to change) [4:00]
  • Learning to own what you’ve disowned for a better relationship [8:00]


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