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How To Work With Personality Differences – Joel & Antonia – SC 77

By Jayson
November 9, 2016

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In this episode, personality hackers and smart couple Joel and Antonia share their personal experiences of working through differences by understanding their partner’s personality type. These two use Myers-Briggs, the enneagram, and other personality tests to understand themselves and each other better. I think you’ll get a couple of new insights from Joel and Antonia’s story that can help you right now in your own relationship. Pay special attention to what they do well and how they work through challenges in a collaborative way. 


  • What is a “social technology”? [8:30]
  • Why do you need to understand your partner’s personality style? [14:00]
  • How did Joel and Antonia start studying personality? [15:15]
  • The unique history of the Myers-Briggs typing system. [17:00]
  • How thinkers and feelers can work well in relationships. [22:00]
  • Can your learn from your partner’s personality style? [32:00]
  • The impact of masculine or feminine personality types. [35:00]
  • The two kinds of thinking styles. [38:30]
  • The best place to start to figure out you & your partner’s personality type? [42:00]
  • The traps of personality tests. [44:00]
  • One thing to never do with your partner. [47:30]
  • What caused Joel and Antonia to dive into personal growth? [49:00]



personalityhacker-com-joel-mark-witt-antonia-dodge-headshotJoel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge are a married couple and creators of Personality Hacker – a new kind of publishing company that merges digital media with emerging models of human development. They focus on helping people create more happiness in their lives by understanding themselves and others.


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