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Husband Doesn’t Want To Work On Marriage – SC 99

By Jayson
February 19, 2017

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If your partner doesn’t want to work on it, you have a big problem. If he or she does want to work on it and is just a little scared or unsure how to proceed, that is wonderful news. Listen here for a few tips.


Question: We’ve been together 3 months and I’ve been on a path  of self development for many years.  My new partner is very new to inner work and has not prioritized that. He’s open and he’s curious but he’s new to it all.  There’s a lot of fear there for me because I’m worries as we get to know each other his lack of self awareness and self understanding might create blocks.  I’ve let him know this but I’m not sure whether I should just walk away now and try find somebody who I feel can meet me as an equal, or just accept him as he is. What is the healthiest thing to do in this situation?

  • Finding reasons why our partner ‘isn’t enough’. [2:00]
  • Why it’s hard if one partner doesn’t want to grow in the relationship [4:00]
  • If your partner is interested but slower [8:00]

Question: Is it a good idea to tell a prospective partner your non-negotiable about personal development right off the bat?

  • Laying your values on the table [12:00]
  • We all are directing our ‘growth and development’ energy somewhere [14:00]
  • It’s about priorities, not time. [16:00]

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