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Women’s Sexuality – Christiane Pelmas and Rensselear Resch – SC 17

By Jayson
September 23, 2015

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I got a serious education in this interview with Christiane and Ren. I can get so focused on men’s issues that I lose sight of what’s occurring for women. So, needless to say, this episode was very helpful. Since I have a daughter, I’m particularly interested in how to raise her in a “good” way around her own sexuality. Sure, my wife’s got so much of that covered, but as her Dad, I’m eager to support her unfolding in the most beautiful way possible. So, thanks to these two women and the women who were brave enough to ask some tough questions of themselves and their sexuality. I’m learning and I’m grateful.


  • What lead Christiane into teaching sexuality [8:20]

[bctt tweet=”There are 3 primary ways we have access to our true self: birth, death, and sex – Christiane Pelmas”]

  • How Ren became a sexual educator – [9:30]
  • What it was like for Ren to grow up in a household that was shame-free around sex – [10:30]
  • Common sexual initiations for girls – [12:30]

Sex and sexuality is a profound portal, to increased self-awareness, increased authentic self-expression, and of course, to intimacy with self, the world and other people. – Christiane

  • Sexual co-exploring between children; when is it ok? – [14:20]
  • Why it’s important for parents to do their own work around sex – [17:20]
  • Common roadblocks for a girl growing into her sexuality – [18:50]
  • Sexual pain-points for women in long-term relationship [21:40]
  • What is Erotic Intelligence? [24:40]
  • Going into sexual wounds to heal them – [27:30]
  • How men try to please women in the bedroom – [36:15]

[bctt tweet=”I’m going to maintain responsibility for my pleasure, and you need to do the same. – Christiane Pelmas”]

  • An example of a cop-out in the bedroom [39:55]
  • What blocks us from knowing what we want in the bedroom- [44:25]
  • Simple practices for women to move toward sovereignty – [50:55]
  • The female orgasm – [58:50]
  • Parting comments – [1:04:55]
  • Q&A Section – [1:07:50]

Here, Ren and Christiane Answer Questions Like:

  • How do I heal the rift between my heart and my sex?
  • What is the biggest obstacle for women to experience orgasm?
  • How do I connect healthily to my sexuality in the midst of a busy life-style?
  • And many more heartfelt questions
  • Outro – [1:50:00]


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Resources for female anatomy and arousal:

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure by Caffyn Jesse



Christiane Pelmas, MSW, CSB, is a psychotherapist, educator and guide in private practice for more than two decades. She is a Somatic Sex Educator working with couples and individuals in traditional and non-traditional hands-on settings. She is the founder of the pioneering work of ReWilding and the co-founder and principle facilitator for The Magnificent Lover Course for Men.


Rensselear Resch, MS, CSB, is a somatic sex educator, certified sexological bodyworker and meditation instructor. She works with individuals, couples and communities in experiential and hands-on ways to discover the wisdom and power of the body and the innate generative energy that has us come alive and fully show up—not only in sex, but in our whole lives. Her depth and breadth of experience and skill allows her to serve as Guide and Muse for people from various walks of life.




  1. Randi

    This talk was fantastic. These two women have a lot of knowledge and wisdom around sexuality and intimacy. I will take much of this information into my own couple’s therapy practice. Thank you!

  2. Jane

    This is a really great topic and so needed as it is so rarely addressed. What if the woman is fairly in touch with herself, but the man sees her dialogue as trying to control the situation? Also, he tends to sit back with little input, few requests/dialogue, and often has to be asked to start using hands?

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      Hi Jane, I’m sorry I haven’t listened to this particular episode yet but I’m sensing it may be a specific question for our guest Christiane and Rensselear; if I were you I’d reach out to them directly on their social media or website. please report back with the answer if you decide to go that route. Thank you so much for listening and sorry I couldn’t be of more help.



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