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Embracing Diversity In Your Partner – Christiane Pelmas
 – SC 3

By Jayson
June 24, 2015

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IN THIS EPISODE, you will learn:

  • Why and how partnerships matter and what they require
  • What ingredients are needed to truly tend to your partnership
  • How to work through bad habits by utilizing community for support and healing
  • The signs of health in partnership and “right” relationship
  • How to milk your intimate partner for the biggest medicine
  • The core of erotic intelligence how to break the homogeneity of sexuality
  • What’s next after deep connection, emotional intimacy and vulnerability

This episode’s guest, Christiane Pelmas, MSW, CSB, is a psychotherapist, educator and guide in private practice for more than two decades. She is a Somatic Sex Educator working with couples and individuals in traditional and non-traditional hands-on settings. She is the founder of the pioneering work of ReWilding and the co-founder and principle facilitator for The Magnificent Lover Course for Men.Christiane Pelmas 2

For more information, visit and CONNECT with Christiane Pelmas:







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