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3 Types of Men in Partnership, Which One Are You? – Smart Couple Podcast #230

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In this series, we explore why relationships and intimacy can be so challenging for men. In this first episode, we’ll examine the 3 types of men in partnership. Which one are you? 

Oh, and be sure to listen to the very end for the deets on the live webinar and what the next episode is about.


Here are a few of the highlights:


      • Jayson explains why it’s necessary to address topics by men for men.
      • Reminder: Live webinar about men April 25th at noon.
      • 3 types of man that a guy could be in a partnership.
      • Type of man # 1 – Wimp
      • Type of man # 2 – Wounded
      • Type of man # 3 – Warrior
      • Why is important to dig into the reasons that cause these behaviors.
      • What to do about it