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Marriage After Kids, Are You Doomed? – SC 52

by | May 17, 2016
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Does having children ruin your marriage? The stats are against most of you who get married and choose children. But why is this, and what can you and your spouse do about it? Find out this and so much more as Jayson & Ellen use their own story as another example of what’s possible during the hardest of times.


  • A powerful definition of a mature person. [2:20]
  • The gloomy article on parenting that got Ellen and Jayson fired up. [6:15]
  • The negative view of marriage. [7:50]
  • How women are impacted after having a baby. [9:20]
  • The defining moment that Ellen remembers, but Jayson blocked out. [11:30]
  • The biggest factor that will impact your overall happiness in life [17:30]
  • What Ellen said to Jayson that hit him in the gut like a truck and woke him up big time. [21:45]
  • Ellen shares what Jayson does consistently that helps her show up more fully in their marriage and their family. [24:45]
  • An important perspective that can help you deliver your truth more effectively. [28:00]





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