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2 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself During A Crisis – Philip McKernan – 283

by | March 31, 2020
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This is an extremely intimate and powerful episode with world-renowned speaker Philip McKernan. He asks you 2 questions that can completely change how you show up right now during this global crisis. I’ve been reflecting on these 2 questions since our interview. They are deep, very personal, and helpful. Listen below.


(4:25) Introduction Philip McKernan
(7:50) Orienting yourself in times of crisis
(10:55) How difficult times can make you change your perspective
(14:20) Asking yourself “Who are you going to be during this crisis”
(19:20) Dealing with your anxiety
(20:50) How difficult times can help you grow
(26:40) Making better choices to overcome crisis
(29:35) Should you compare yourself to other people?
(34:30) What can you do to accept yourself as you are
(39:30) Self-development during difficult times
(44:40) Stop making everything about you
(49:50) Making and impact by being your true self
(59:15) Advice for therapists and coaches helping others
(1:05:50) Action Step

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