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2 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself During A Crisis – Philip McKernan – 283

By Jayson
March 31, 2020

This is an extremely intimate and powerful episode with world-renowned speaker Philip McKernan. He asks you 2 questions that can completely change how you show up right now during this global crisis. I’ve been reflecting on these 2 questions since our interview. They are deep, very personal, and helpful. Listen below.


(4:25) Introduction Philip McKernan
(7:50) Orienting yourself in times of crisis
(10:55) How difficult times can make you change your perspective
(14:20) Asking yourself “Who are you going to be during this crisis”
(19:20) Dealing with your anxiety
(20:50) How difficult times can help you grow
(26:40) Making better choices to overcome crisis
(29:35) Should you compare yourself to other people?
(34:30) What can you do to accept yourself as you are
(39:30) Self-development during difficult times
(44:40) Stop making everything about you
(49:50) Making and impact by being your true self
(59:15) Advice for therapists and coaches helping others
(1:05:50) Action Step


  1. Fernanda chicano

    I absolutely loved this podcast. Resonated so much! Thank you for these! I appreciate you and Phillip for having this conversation!

  2. Berni McBride

    Absolutely loved this session
    Resonated on so many levels
    such important questions during this time
    Prompted me to do something I have been avoiding out of fear of failure or doing the wrong thing

    So Thanku Jayson gir another great podcast //interview
    Love the relationship

    Berni McBride
    New Zealand

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      hi Bernie, this is inspiring and I now really want to listen to this episode =) take care, and thanks for listening and sharing

  3. Marie-Claude Giguère

    Ahhhhh. Such great information and shares. Thank you so much to both of you. Journaling time!


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