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Black Men Speaking Out – Michael Taylor and Jon Walton – 295

By Jayson
June 14, 2020



As the anti-racism movement sweeps our nation (and the world), I wanted to bring on more people of color to continue the conversation. In episode 295 of the RS podcast I’m joined by Michael Taylor and Jon Walton, two very smart, very insightful men who I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking to and working with before.

Michael, a former podcast guest, is a men’s coach, author, motivational speaker and radio/tv show host who examines the changing role of masculinity in society and has made it his life’s work to empower Black men.

Jon, a champion for diversity and equity, helps leaders and organizations create a successful multicultural environment and previously led The Relationship School team on a 5-month training and helped us develop scholarships for people of color in coaches training. 

We get deep and discuss everything from the roots of racism to the role the media plays in the negative portrayal of Black men in particular. We talk about where the work is now and how in wake of the George Floyd murder, white people are really truly feeling the pain and the consciousness is beginning to shift with a big focus on white privilege.

Both men answer some great questions from my listeners and are gracious enough to talk about how racism has impacted their own lives.

This conversation is super powerful and will make you think and reflect.


4:20 Introduction to Michael Taylor and Jon Walton
7:30 The roots of racism and white supremacy
12:00 Michael and Jon’s experiences with racism
20:30 Is the reactivity around these problems necessary?
25:50 What can white people do?
33:25 Why we judge other people based on the color of their skin
41:00 How can white people get involved in supporting anti-racism without white-centering?
45:10 How to engage in challenging conversations around racism?
1:01:50 Is it necessary for white people to apologize to Black people?
1:04:00 Advice to deal with race issues in interracial relationships
1:09:00 About police brutality and how the media portrays Black people
1:16:45 Final thoughts
1:21:55 Action step

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  1. Nancy

    I love this guy! He has got it figured out! Great interview!

    The wisdom of understanding the difference between “demanding respect versus commanding respect”. Burgess is spreading hope in the future.


  2. Kate

    Jayson, Jon and Michael, bravo on a breakthrough interview. Thank you for helping me listen to help me understand. ?



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