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Building Better Brains for Our Kids – Dr. Judy Cameron, Ph.D. – 289

By Jayson
May 5, 2020

The brain is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Our brains are what shape us as human beings, but do you ever wonder what’s shaping your brain?

Join me in Episode 289 as I chat with neuroscientist Dr. Judy Cameron about her breakthrough research into the brain and how we as adults can help our children have sturdier brain development (this is so important for our future).

In the past, brain development was thought to be mainly due to genetic programming, but Dr. Cameron shares how it’s actually life experiences from the time you’re born onward that play a larger role.

That means giving our children healthy experiences right now is key for them to build the best brains possible!

Come listen and prepare for some mind-blowing stuff!



  • 3:50 Introduction Dr. Judy Cameron
  • 12:30 Where are we at as a society on raising kids
  • 16:45 Does trauma inhibit brain development?
  • 21:50 Understanding what causes some kids to have social issues
  • 36:45 How can kids learn new and better habits or skills?
  • 41:10 “Flexibility” as a necessary tool for adults to help theirs kids learn
  • 46:30 The importance of building emotional skills at early ages
  • 53:40 Getting “stuck” is related to learning difficulties
  • 1:00:15 How can we strengthen our brain as adults


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