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For Men Who Have a Closed or Guarded Heart – 231

By Jayson
April 17, 2019

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In this episode I explain how society and culture play an massive role in the indoctrination of men from a young age, which keeps their hearts behind a giant wall. From a young age, boys learn to repress and hide their emotions and their sensitive side in order to belong to the peer group, their family, and avoid rejection and abandonment.

Here are a few of the highlights:


  • (0:48) Recap from last episode
  • (2:28) Why some problematic behaviors of men are caused by a closed heart
  • (4:05) How his environment trained Jayson to repress emotions in exchange for approval from others.
  • (5:55) Indoctrination of kids into the “boy code”
  • (9:30) How men put other men down using sexist terms starting on their childhood
  • (10:40) Practical examples of how men keep each other in this “gender box”.
  • (10:53) Artists using sexist language
  • (12:03) Jayson tells how hazing culture is part of male behavior in fraternities.
  • (13:03) Males bullying other males in competitive situations
  • (13:20) Entrepreneur men using sexist language to motivate other men
  • (18:48) Granny shot – Sexist language in sports
  • (19:35) Will Chamberland not using the “granny shot” even though it’s proven more effective, for fear of being judged
  • (22:12) Jayson shares how people around him used sexist terms when playing golf
  • (23:20) Do not judge men that have a closed heart
  • (24:08) You can become a better man and help other men and step out of your “gender box” if you choose to open your heart
  • (24:55) Humans have both masculine and feminine in them.
  • (27:13) Why you should stop using misogynistic language to motivate other men.
  • (27:23) How men keep themselves inside their own prison
  • (29:48) This is not your fault, but it is your problem
  • (30:15) Action step
  • (31:27) Upcoming Webinar




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