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Getting Your Partner To Meet Your Needs – SC 101

by | February 26, 2017
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Is it your partner’s job to meet your needs? Find out in this short episode…


Question: I’d love to hear more about the possible distinction between standing in one’s own needs and then the problematic zone of asking or expecting a partner to change. Asking for change in certain areas seems reasonable and I use my own potential reaction to being asked to change as a measure: “Would I respond well to my partner asking me to change in this area?”
But some areas seem tricky, such as Love Languages: “XYZ behaviour that is hard for you is actually what most supports me feeling loved and seen” etc.  Could you speak to this?

  • Asking for what you need [6:00]
  • Meeting your partner’s needs is win-win [9:00]
  • If our primary partnership is unsafe [11:00]
  • Knowing your partner’s needs before they ask [13:00]



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