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How & Why My Wife And I Chose Marriage – SC 50

by | May 3, 2016
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In this episode, I bring on my better half, my wife to rock it out with me. We had fun exploring the early stages of our relationship and what had us “choose” each other. There are some funny and not so funny shares in this one. I’m grateful Ellen is joining us here and here’s to more to come from the two of us.



  • How did Jayson and Ellen first meet? [9:07]
  • What you must learn about your partner before you decide to spend your life together. [14:30]
  • What had Ellen ask Jayson out? [15:05]
  • Shitty advice Jayson got from a therapist and an astrologer. [18:45]
  • How did Jayson overcome his “grass is always greener” pattern? [24:40]
  • One of Jayson’s best accomplishments of his life. [28:00]
  • The simple yet powerful distinction that Ellen did that allowed Jayson to choose to commit. [30:15]
  • How do you know if your partner is “The One”? [33:45]
  • A huge thing that must happen before you should even consider marriage. [35:00]
  • Jayson’s challenge to the listener, both for those in a relationship and single. [43:15]
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