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How Relational Skills Can Boost Your Confidence – SC 126

by | May 24, 2017
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Feeling insecure in relationships is par for the course. So, wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to increase your confidence in a relationship? If you expect yourself to be “good” at relationship, your partner will show you over time where you are insecure and weak. So, listen to this episode as I interview 5 graduates of The Relationship School® and notice how they turned their confidence issues around.


  •  When insecurity leads to blaming your partner [2:00]
  • Why confidence needs to be earned [4:00]
  • Meet the Relationship School® coaches [6:00]
  • How confidence can change as you work on yourself [11:00]
  • Learning the skills to deal with fear in conflict instead of hiding out [12:00]
  • Owning sensitivity and vulnerability [13:00]
  • What sharing impact in relationship can do for you [14:00]
  • Knowing where you stand so you can build connection with others [21:00]





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