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How To Deal With A Partner That Talks Too Much – SC 75

by | October 26, 2016
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You’ve been a with a friend or partner who rambles on right? And, you check out or stop listening, but you let them talk right? We’ve all been there. Well, in this episode, we discuss how important it is to interrupt them and take command of the conversation. Wait, Am I suggesting you get aggressive? No way. I’m asking that you show your “care” for them by listening in an entirely different way.


  • What is “captive audience”? [7:30]
  • Who is responsible when someone talks too much in an interaction? [10:30]
  • What is active listening? [12:15]
  • The gift that you might be giving the “over-talker”. [14:00]
  • Jayson gives some examples on how to interrupt. [15:30]
  • Jayson shares a personal story of a dude that talked WAY too much and what Jayson did about it. [21:30]
  • Jayson’s action steps for the listener [25:00]




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