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Is Flirting Cheating? – SC 91

By Jayson
January 23, 2017

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If you are worried that your significant other might be cheating because you also think they are flirting, then you’ll want to listen to this. There are some basic guidelines to help you understand the difference. 


I’ve been in my current relationship for 15 months. Right off the bat, we rushed into it both freshly out of our relationships. At 3 months he started ‘hardcore flirting’  in messages to facebook friends of his. He didn’t hide it, but I’m sure he didn’t expect me to see it. I found out because he disappearing act one evening and lied to me at first about where he was.  A few days later, I was shocked, he was sexually flirting with others via messenger.  I confronted him and he told me he loves me.  “It was just talk, didn’t mean anything,” that his intentions were not to follow through on any of it, I had nothing to worry about. Besides this crap, he’s great.  He’s good to me.  

Do I get over my fear of him going too far at some point, losing him and just ignore the things he does privately, or do I/should I have ran the other direction as fast as I can?

  • Finding your ‘line’ with flirting [3:00]
  • What if my partner gets defensive when I ask them about it? [5:00]
  • Find your truth: what works for you, what doesn’t [7:00]
  • How to talk to your partner if you’re uncomfortable with their flirting [10:00]




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