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Men And Their Relationship Issues – SC 48

by | April 26, 2016
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In this short episode, I cover why men are so locked up relationally and 3 steps to help a guy transform this so that, you both can have a great relationship.



  • What is at the core of men’s challenges in modern day. [3:20]
  • Some of the big pain points for men in relationships. [4:45]
  • What is the “boy code”? [5:15]
  • How Jayson struggled in relationships. [6:30]
  • Do men really know how to listen? [8:15]
  • Why shouldn’t believe when your man says he’s just “in a bad mood.” [12:00]
  • The missing step after getting good feedback. [15:05]
  • Jayson’s challenge to the men. [17:40]




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