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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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Lessons From A Navy Seal During Tough Times – Mark Divine -281

By Jayson
March 24, 2020

I think you’ll find this podcast interview very helpful right now. It’s a good reminder of how to work through adversity.

My guest is Mark Divine, a former Navy Seal. This guy’s a machine and doing so much good in the world right now.

Pay special attention to how he got into the Navy Seals.

There are some good lessons that will help you be stronger right now.



  • (5:10) Introduction Mark Divine
  • (9:45) Getting into the navy seals
  • (16:45) Meditation Breathing advice
  • (20:40) The importance of training your thoughts and calm your mind
  • (26:45) Using meditation to pinpoint and solving inner problems
  • (36:15) Dealing with problems and staying focused on your mission
  • (42:00) Why people struggle with their own minds
  • (46:35) How young people can become more resilient on adversity
  • (50:20) The implications of cutting corners
  • (56:35) Self-mastery vs Self-Acceptance
  • (1:08:15) Action Step


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