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No Sex. What Do I Do? – SC 141

By Jayson
July 17, 2017

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Going into my 10th month of a relationship. 2 week break up (his initiation), came back back asking to work it out, showing up strong, committed and communicative. There is only one problem..no sex. He got distant before the break up (last few weeks)…and I asked about it then. He said it was a “him” thing. I realize we need a conversation….but before I do..I need objective insight.
He does not touch me in any sexual ways. He holds my hand…and snuggles with me at night, even in his sleep.
I am fairly attractive…so don’t chalk it up to that. But…this feels so bad and awkward. Has anyone else had this?
He has never been aggressive or overly sexual with me, but now it is non existent. I feel like this is an NNN but I do not want to leave a relationship over sex….but…have considered.
Any suggestions or thoughts?


  • Can you be in long-term, fulfilling relationship without sex? [4:00]
  • How can having kids change your sex-life for the better? [5:00]
  • Why some couples choose a sex-less marriage [6:00]
  • The most common reason couples don’t have sex [8:00]



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