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Boundaries – Relationship Tool With Lisa Dion – SC 40

By Jayson
March 11, 2016

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Boundaries are by far one of the most important tools in intimate relationships. How much do you struggle to say no says a lot about how much you value yourself. You must get boundaries if you want to go the distance in a relationship.



  • The huge breakthrough insight about boundaries that Lisa shared with Jayson [5:13]
  • The four things our brain is always scanning for to determine there is a threat or challenge [7:24]
  • What is Lisa’s definition of a boundary? [13:20]
  • Jayson and Lisa demonstrate how to set a boundary [16:33]
  • The big fear we all carry in ourselves [20:05]
  • The weakness many of us have in receiving a boundary request [22:02]
  • What are the most common feedback signs our body tells us? [25:50]
  • The three types of boundaries [30:56]
  • Jayson issues a boundary challenge [43:04]



[bctt tweet=”A boundary is the point at which I can no longer be myself or I’m about to lose myself. – Lisa Dion”]



Lisa Dion has provided consultation and counseling to children, adults, couples and businesses for over 15 years. Her training and understanding of how the mind and a person’s biology drives human behavior allows her to offer clients a unique perspective and understanding on how to maximize their potential and develop a greater appreciation for themselves and the people in their lives. Lisa is the only person in the world holding combined certifications as a Senior Certified Demartini Method Facilitator® and a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor. Lisa’s cutting edge approach gifts her the ability to meet the needs of Fortune 500 Leaders and out of control 3 year-olds, all in the same day. Lisa is dedicated to awakening certainty, presence and purpose in her clients. Visit her website here: http://lisa-dion.com/


  1. Lance

    Another great podcast on a topic I’ve had difficulty with in the past, but who hasn’t, right? Being an introvert it was often easier to say “yes” and go with the flow, versus standing up for my self or advocating for my own needs. Happy to be learning how to do that and hear other folks talk about the mechanics and benefits of finding a voice and using it. I still find going with the flow makes sense but only after having voiced my own needs in a situation, it has caused some ruffled feathers with family, but they’re used to an older version of me. Keep it up Jayson and I’ll keep listening!!

    • Jayson

      Great Lance. Leave us a review if you keep getting served by it! THanks!

      • Lance

        Posted this review to the Stitcher website and gav’er 5 stars. I am not on other social media platforms so that’s the best I can do. Hope it helps.


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