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Why You Need To Earn Love Every Day – SC 39

by | March 9, 2016
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Is love earned or given to you? In this podcast, I explore what happens when people say “Can’t you just love me as I am?” and then hope for a great relationship. And I also talk about the best practice to do every day if you want a thriving relationship that works, not just one you stumble through.





  • Why being annoyed by your partner is normal. [5:13]
  • What does being “entitled” mean in a relationship? [6:53]
  • The fallacy of love [8:05]
  • Is a healthy relationship given to you? [9:32]
  • Why “you should just love me as I am” is a lie. [12:47]
  • The real reason you get triggered by your partner. [14:34]
  • One trick to learn to stop being triggered by your partner. [16:36]
  • A powerful question to ask your partner every day [18:56]


[bctt tweet=”We learn and earn our way into a great relationship by valuing ourselves. – Jayson Gaddis”]



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