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Self-Soothing Vs A Partner Soothing You – Jayson & Ellen – 360

By Jayson
September 15, 2021

What do you think of when you hear someone mention self-soothing? Maybe some coping behaviors you learned as a child or have seen children exhibit? Sometimes those behaviors can carry over into our adult lives (glass of wine after a rough day…or zoning out in front of the TV/game system, perhaps). But how do those self-soothing behaviors fit into adult relationships—or should they at all? This week, Ellen and I answer a listener question on this subject. Check out the podcast episode here:

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  1. Scott

    This is so cool to watch. I’ve been interested in relationship development for several years and for the life of me (as a man) I can’t meet anyone who is even remotely interested in talking about it, let alone putting it into practice. I have been called “uptight” and “robotic” for raising this topic, wondering if you have advice about how to “safely” introduce this topic in a new(er) relationship.

    • Julie

      I think when you start that new relationship with a person that is really into growth and development, you can send them that podcast and say: This is something that is important to me. It sounds like it is a non-negotiable for you! Stick with that.

      • meg@relationshipschool.com

        Hey Scott and Julie,
        Julie, Love that you went for it and answered Scott, very cool community support =) I agree with Julie that looking for something who values personal growth and development sounds like a good match for you. I like her idea of sending the podcast to listen to, or even listening to it together over coffee or while laying on the grass watching the clouds might be a nice way to process the content. Hoping you find someone who feels compatible soon, take care – Meg (P.S. apologies for the delay in replying to these comments)

  2. Ana

    I’ve become so self sufficient that everyone is scared to help me. People have no idea how much help I do need.

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      hi Ana, are you able to be a little more specific? I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking for… or in other words I don’t know how to “help” you (and I wonder if maybe others in your life feel the same?). More details please, or better yet bring this question to the facebook community group and Jayson may be able to see your question directly. -Meg


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