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The Danger of Over-Burdening Your Partner With Your Problems – SC 129

by | June 4, 2017
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How do we not burn out our partner with our problems? Is it okay to have them be the only support system for us? What is a better set up? In this episode you’ll hear some feedback on why it’s important to c0-support each other and not just have it be one way.
Erica’s question:

Can you speak about dealing with a partner’s emotions during high stress and emotional times so that we can be both fulfilled?



  • Erica’s question [2:00]
  • How to help your partner in a way that works for you [5:00]
  • Should you be seeking support outside of the relationship? [5:00]
  • How to avoid burning your partner out with your problems [6:00]
  • What you can do to take the pressure off the relationship in high-stress times [7:00]



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