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The Healing Power of Touch – Betty Martin – SC 110

By Jayson
March 28, 2017

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Are you using touch to just get off, or are you willing to slow down and see what the touch you give and receive is bringing? Touch is a magical force that allows the human animal in you to soften, relax, and open. In this episode erotic adventurer Betty Martin shares her experience with the healing power of touch and gives you very practical advice on how to maximize your safety and pleasure.


  • Is our culture sexually jammed up? [11:00]
  • Where is your ‘pleasure ceiling’ and how is it impacting your relationship? [16:00]
  • Betty’s ‘Waking Up The Hands exercise and how to test your pleasure capacity [18:00]
  • Understanding the ‘Wheel of Consent’ [25:00]
  • The fallacy of ‘she liked it yesterday’ [29:00]
  • The difference between a request, an offer and an invitation [32:00]
  • The hidden dangers of desire-smuggling [36:00]
  • What to do when someone asks you what you want but you don’t know [39:00]
  • The 3-Minute game to understand what you and your partner want out of touch[40:00]




BettyMartinBetty loves teaching people how to know what they want and how to value it, trust it, and communicate it. Touch is the best way to learn those things and it is those things that make touch enjoyable.

If you would like to bring a sense of ease, confidence, presence and sensuality into all your touch (and all your being-touched), Betty is the teacher for you.

Betty has had her hands on people professionally for over 30 years. Chiropractic and other modalities, Sexological Bodywork, surrogate partner and Tantric touch. Also Contact Improv and other kinds of play.

She trains other touch professionals through her course ‘Like a Pro’ and other workshops. She is passionate about helping them learn how to assess what is most useful for their clients, and how to teach them to become fully empowered in their desires and choices. She also trains facilitators for a boundary and communication workshop called ‘Cuddle Party’.

She loves sharing her experience, and her teaching style is practical, participatory and fun.




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