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Why Male Entrepreneurs Fail in Relationships, & What To Do About It – Jordan Gray – SC 130

By Jayson
June 7, 2017

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This episode is for the male entrepreneur, a guy who is likely to have a hard time in romantic relationships. If you are dating or married to an entrepreneur, this podcast will help you. My guest Jordan Gray covers some of the main reasons why high-achieving male entrepreneurs struggle to find the same success in partnership as they might find in their businesses. From sexual dysfunction to relationships ending, Jordan will challenge you to take a few simple steps to earn your way into a great intimate partnership and it’s not about accomplishing more. You’ll have to think differently on this one…


  • Jordan’s story [10:00]
  • The connection between sensitivity and self-awareness 21:00]
  • Can too much ‘self-reflection’ time cause depression and anxiety? [16:00]
  • The hidden reason we use the excuse that ‘there are no good men left’ [18:00]
  • ‘Maximizing’ vs ‘Satisficing’ in relationship (and which one is better) [20:00]
  • How success-driven guys can develop sexual dysfunctions… and what to do about it [21:00]
  • Can you work 70 hours/week and still have a good relationship? [22:00]
  • How performance and achievement mindsets can block intimacy [24:00]
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs that kill your connection [28:00]
  • What to do if you’re feeling neglected by a busy, career-driven man [33:00]
  • How to get a super-busy man to unplug, reconnect and spend time together [34:00]
  • Why our libido is the first thing to shut down when we’re stressed [39:00]



Jordan Gray is a personal development author, and sex and relationship coach with nearly a decade of practice behind him. Jordan’s work has been featured in The Huffington Post, BBC, Self, Psychology Today, Business Insider, Yahoo!, Forbes, Elephant Journal, and countless other publications around the globe. Jordan has made it his life’s mission to make thriving relationships attainable to everyone.

Within two years of starting his website, Jordan had five #1 best-selling e-books on Amazon and, since launching, has reached an engaged audience of over 20 million people from around the world with his writing.



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