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The #1 Hidden Reason Men Pull Away and Lose Interest – SC 118

By Jayson
April 25, 2017

Apple Podcast buttonGoogle Podcast button Why do men pull away when they get close? Then, some of them will come back, only to pull away again. WTF is going on here? SHOWNOTES

  • What is going on when a man pulls away? [7:00]
  • The surprising reason he pulls away and disconnects from you [8:00]
  • Why annoying your partner is a good thing (and will happen forever) [10:00]
  • The feedback loop that keeps you both stuck [13:00]
  • Two powerful tips for when he pulls away [14:00]

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  1. Candida Cerrato

    Hey I want to get my man back into my life again and I pretty much screw up on him because we had a lot of fights and argument in the past and I want to do a lot better with him back into the relationship we met at Keller Packaging in Napoleon and we were friends and we became lovers and his name is Lewis Damron hes 43 and I am 26 my name is Candida I still love him and he tells me that he don’t love me anymore which I know from his heart he still loves me he just don’t want to admit it but I know deep down he still loves me I just want him back into my life again so the both of us can do a lot better in life can you help me?

  2. Mary

    Sadly he has pulled away. Each time closer. He has been unfaithful in two marriages. Was open about it. Chased me for years. Got me after 3….and it has been up and down for 4. He loves me. He doesn’t know what love is. The last 6-7 months. He’s been very committed. I moved closer. In the meantime, he’s had 3 women file complaints on him from past (physician crossing boundaries). He’s in treatment and says he cannot be in a romantic relationship with anyone right now. He came to check on me, misses me and I am totally in love with hjm. What do I do? Walk away forever? He’s not trying to be alone with me – he says he’s trying to work through all of this Help

    Sadly….I wonder if he’s a narcissist and/or aspergers. ?

  3. Amy

    I have a history of dating this man as well as being a woman who shuts down when things get to be too intense and I am feeling vulnerable. In the past it was one of the other in a relationship. For my last two relationships, as I have been changing and doing my work, both have happened in the relationship. I start off obsessed and intense, realize it’s not reciprocated, and then I check out. At that point, my partner starts telling me that I’m not giving them enough, I get annoyed and non-responsive and it ends with them pissed off at me and blocking me from their lives (including social media) even though we did have a clear-cut ending. I feel a combination of guilt, sorrow, and indignation in these situations. I realize that I am working on my self-knowledge and I also recognize that I am on a never ending path toward self-improvement.

  4. Rita

    Most men pull away because they found someone they like better. Plain and simple.



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