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Women’s Sexuality – De-Armor Your Cervix – Olivia Bryant – SC 96

By Jayson
February 7, 2017

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If you are a woman who feels shut down in your body or genitals, this conversation is for you. My guest Olivia Bryant helps you understand your cervix and what to do to begin the healing journey. I learned a lot here and am reminded how jammed up we are as a culture sexually. There’s so much wounding, trauma, and pain around our sex lives and our guest will help you address one potential area of your sex life that needs attention and healing.


  • Learning how we shut down to learn how to open up [8:00]
  • Olivia’s Story of ‘de-armoring’ herself [9:00]
  • Understanding our ‘armoring’ and de-armoring process [11:00]
  • Un-learning bad habits from porn [14:00]
  • How the cervix becomes numb from the wrong kinds of sexual contact [15:00]
  • Things couple can do together to have deeper, better sex (without the pounding) [16:00]
  • Understanding the types, states and experiences of orgasm [19:00]
  • How to tap into the Orgasmic State to enhance your pleasure [21:00]
  • Going slower for better sex [23:00]
  • The De-Armoring Process: where to start, what to do and what to look for [25:00]
  • What not to do when experimenting with sexual healing work [29:00]
  • Dealing with bruised egos: how to give and receive feedback without taking it personally [30:00]
  • Your Action Step [40:00]




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Olivia Bryant is a sexologist and a conscious loving coach. She helps women release old, pan-generational stories, heal sexual patterns and find an inner power through her work at Self:Cervix – a global movement of women courageously contacting their deepest selves.



  1. NicInAustralia

    Wow! I learn something new every time I listen to the SC podcasts. It’s causing quite a stir in my understanding of what I thought I knew. Thanks for sharing a conversation around the cervix. New world here I come.

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      Amazing! That’s our hope =) Thanks for listening and sharing

  2. Louise Wain

    My first sexual relationship was with a guy I had no emotional connection. Sex was painful. Your description of pounding was appropriate… Now I’m in a monogamous committed relationship which meant when we share intimacy, we were able to do so with deep vulnerability and we used masturbation to share what we liked and to create easy pleasure and enjoyed sexual pleasure.. Our sex has improved over the years and we can easily find the sensation of a continual low level orgasm which lasts about an hour though time seems timeless. I think we have pauses and short bursts of thrusting. Your sharing enhances our knowledge and maybe my experience may enhance others knowledge.

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      Hi Louise, thank you so much for sharing your experience, so valuable and inspiring. Thanks for listening.


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