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Connection Starts with Me

I recently started something new. I changed my career. I changed my life. I trained and studied for a year with Jayson Gaddis and became a Certified Relationship Coach. Now I am on a new path and I’m feeling really energized and exposed.

Adult Attachment Specialist Stan Tatkin’s Ted Talk

One of my many relationship mentors is Stan Tatkin. I’ve learned loads from him and since my wife studies and trains with him, I get a steady dose of his teachings that continue to serve my relationship. Moreover, his work has greatly informed mine and has widened and...

The Difference Between A Weak Man And A Strong Man

When I first read the article below, I cried. It’s an article by the former punk rocker turned influencer Henry Rollins about turning a trauma into a triumph, which is what my life is about. He writes about lifting weights, but “the iron,” as he calls it, is a...

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