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How Some Men Show Their Love To A Woman

When it comes to feeling loved you might be speaking different languages. One of you values work while the other wants time together. Hmmm. How to deal? Read this.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

One woman wrestles with a common relationship question- Should I stay or should I go? In pain and washed-out by indecision, it was this one counter-intuitive move that had her find her path.

The #1 Reason Married Couples Stop Having Sex

Is it common for married couples to stop having sex after many years of marriage? Hell yes! In my own marriage of 10 years, we’ve had short periods of no sex. Here’s why we and so many other couples might let their sex life drift…...

Connection Starts with Me

I recently started something new. I changed my career. I changed my life. I trained and studied for a year with Jayson Gaddis and became a Certified Relationship Coach. Now I am on a new path and I’m feeling really energized and exposed.