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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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3 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Health, Snoring, and Breathing – Sachin Patel – 479

December 26, 2023


In this episode, Jayson is joined by best-selling author and functional medicine practice success coach Sachin Patel. Do you or your partner struggle with snoring? Is it a constant challenge for you to get enough sleep? Sachin offers some basic steps that you can take to begin turning your health around. These range from simple changes you can make today, such as adjusting ambient home lighting, to incorporating effective breathing techniques. If you’re interested in taking control of your health, you won’t want to miss this fascinating conversation.


  • 6:23 – Who is Sachin Patel?
  • 8:11 – Sachin’s wellness journey
  • 17:44 – Why don’t people do what’s good for them?
  • 28:16 – Why is nose breathing so important?
  • 33:20 – Snoring
  • 43:07 – Basic steps to change your health
  • 48:42 – Advice for young people
  • 52:59 – Action step



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