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100% Responsibility Vs When To Leave The Relationship & Other Relationship Questions – SC 56

By Jayson
June 15, 2016

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Your relationship questions are answered in this episode. We cover a lot of ground. One theme is how to deal with “value” differences in an intimate relationship. This one is really good because it can tear a relationship apart trying to fit each other into your respective boxes of how you prefer they be.



  • How long to wait for your partner to blend your families and get married? [7:15]
  • How can partners adapt in a relationship when one partner has a chronic illness? [11:45]
  • Why do men lie? [14:00]
  • What’s the reason our relationship improves when my man hangs out with this guy friends? [17:30]
  • How to tell your guy about erectile dysfunction without making it worse? [20:00]
  • What skills are best to use when you’re highly triggered and avoid an argument? [21:45]
  • How to keep childhood issues from breaking up your relationship? [23:45]
  • How do you know when to take 100% responsibility and when to leave a partner who is not willing to do the work? [26:00]
  • What if your ex is creating challenges for me to blend families with my new partner? [30:00]
  • When you have different values, what’s the best way to deal with that? [33:30]
  • Does it make sense to avoid dating men whose taxi light isn’t on, like Miranda said in Sex & The City?
  • What about when partners have opposite views on how to handle money in a relationship? [40:45]
  • Long-distance relationships: how do I get my man to show me that he’s emotionally ready to commit? [42:45]
  • What should a woman do with her kids when their dad just walks out? [44:15]
  • How to deal with a man who is emotionally unavailable? [46:45]
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  1. Daxe

    These Q&A podcasts really work for me! Thanks to all those who made it happen!


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