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How Do I Know When It’s Too Hard? – SC 57

by | June 22, 2016
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Relationships get hard. But how do you know when hard is too freakin’ hard? And, what do you do about it? In this episode my wife and I explore a very common complaint about long-term relationships, especially after the initial honeymoon phase wears off. Are you making your relationship hard or are you making it easy? Believe it or not, you are in the driver’s seat on this.



  • How do you know when your relationship is too hard? [5:30]
  • The decision Jayson made that was crucial to his relationship. [15:00]
  • Does Ellen ever feel that motherhood is too hard? [17:00]
  • The perspective that matters most in a relationship [18:45]
  • How to work through conflict in a relationship? [20:15]
  • What about working through conflict on your own, without your partner or community? [22:30]
  • Why it’s not wise to “pick your battles”? [26:45]
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