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3 Critical Parenting Tips to Deal with Stress and Anxiety at Home – Dr. Tina Bryson – 302

By Jayson
August 4, 2020



If you are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, this is a must listen. It might have been one of the best parenting interviews I’ve done.

My guest Tina Bryson shares 2 things that create stress in kids right now then she covers 3-4 things that relieve stress and anxiety.

This one is very good. Even if you’re not a parent, you were a kid a while back and this will help you see what’s possible.


  • 5:15 Introduction Dr. Tina Bryson
  • 9:40 The importance of self-awareness for parents
  • 17:45 Two things that create stress for kids at home
  • 22:40 How to relieve stress
  • 32:00 The “name it to tame it” strategy and how it helps decrease reactivity in the nervous system
  • 37:35 How to provide children a safe and secure place at home
  • 52:00 How parents can help children make better decisions for themselves
  • 1:04:10 Action step


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  1. Julie Lambert

    Great interview, Jayson. Need to listen to this episode every week until these behaviors become 2nd nature. Thank you for having Tina as a guest!

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      hope it’s second nature by now and that you’re still listening and learning and growing with us Julie =)


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