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Loneliness, Social Isolation And Living Alone – Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad – 301

By Jayson
July 28, 2020



Some of you know that I nerd out on research about relationships. Well, have you heard about the research study that says loneliness is more lethal than smoking 15 cigarettes per day? 

Well, I finally got to talk to the woman that did this research. Wow. 

It’s astounding and puts our relationships with other people front and center.

  • 5:10 Introduction  Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad
  • 7:30 The impact of loneliness and social isolation on people’s health
  • 14:00 Dr. Julianne’s health studies
  • 19:45 The impact of relationships on our health and life expectancy
  • 41:55 Why you might feel lonely even if you are surrounded by people
  • 48:25 Why some people disagree with the studies about loneliness and social isolation
  • 1:04:50 Action step


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