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Addiction & Parenting Difficult Teens – Aaron Huey – 279

By Jayson
March 10, 2020

I love teenagers! As you know I used you to work with troubled teens in a variety of settings, from drug treatment centers to wilderness therapy programs.

I think to be skilled with teens requires some serious skill. That’s why I brought my friend Aaron Huey on the podcast to discuss how to deal with difficult teens.

If you are not a parent, this will still be valuable as we discuss addiction, boundaries, and enabling, all issues that come up in adult relationships too.

Listen now!

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • (4:30) Introduction Aaron Huey
  • (11:40) How people can get more empowered and overcome victimhood
  • (16:20) Advice for parents of kids getting bullied
  • (18:15) Exploring negative behaviors on teenagers
  • (22:40) About parents expecting treatment centers to fix their kids behavior
  • (26:15) Should we blame and call out parents?
  • (28:50) Creating family behavior contracts
  • (33:00) 4 things that families can do to prevent negative children’s behaviors and decisions
  • (36:55) Why parents enable kids’ negative behavior
  • (43:15) How mothers react different than fathers
  • (48:55) Advice for teenagers struggling with addictions
  • (1:00:00) https://firemountainprograms.com/
  • (1:05:35) Action Step


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  1. Lisa

    The only thing that I feel isn’t being addressed here is epigenetics. That parents were conditioned by society, parents, and grandparents. Parents are not doing it on purpose and though, yeah, changes need to occur, it isn’t all – you. Some of it was inherited and possibly 3 generations. No parents want to hear where they might be “failing” – it’s important to not put it ALL on the parent.

    • Jayson

      goog point!

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      fair – thank you Lisa I appreciate your perspective and will take a listen to this episode =). thanks for listening and sharing and contributing to our community -Meg


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