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Why trying to change your partner is impossible unless… – 250

By Jayson
August 27, 2019

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Do you ever wish your partner, or ex, would just change? I mean, if only they would, everything would be awesome, right? Not so fast.

But… there is one thing you can do under the radar to get them to change. Check it out and listen in…


Here are a few of the highlights:

  • (2:40) Why trying to change your partner is almost impossible
  • (5:30) What can you do to help others change?
  • (8:15) Action step




  1. Claudia Elfriede Sampson

    Hello Jayson !

    Unless you nag your partner over and over with the same things, he will not notice if you fast, therefore how is he going to change ?

  2. Frances

    Funny I clicked on the video knowing that the unless was me changing myself, I just didn’t know what I needed to change. Thank you
    i already know and have known for a while that you cannot change another person.


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