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Codependent Relationships: Signs, Symptoms and How to Change It – 254

By Jayson
September 25, 2019

Most people have a little bit of codependency going on. However, if you have a relationship that is based on codependency, you’re probably feeling insecure and frustrated.
In this podcast, I cover the signs and symptoms of codependency, the history of the term, how it “works” and what to do about it. You’ll want to check this out.

Here are a few of the highlights:


  • Shownotes:
    1. (2:10) What does co-dependency mean
    2. (8:35) Signs and symptoms of a co-dependent relationship
    3. (15:25) What can you do to avoid this in your own life
    4. (21:10) Action Step



  1. Frances

    Is it possible that we are both co dependent? Maybe we trade roles. Also I did not hear the narcissist dynamic, if i was in a relatively good place but I had worked very hard to get there but was susceptible to being victimized due past trauma and that he is somewhat narcissistic so with a little controlling behavior he was able to trigger a core fear and now I struggle with anxiety, & depression. Just a thought.


      hi Frances, yes definitely possible you are both co-dependent. Sorry to hear that your core fear has been triggered, and I hope you’re in a better place with more capacity to self-soothe and self-regulate. Thanks for listening =)

  2. JoAnne Johnson

    I am looking for advice on how to end a co dependant relationship. My past friend/partner was codependent and I didn’t realize how serious their disconnection can become. I believe its called active codependency and he is now seeking to gain control and every video I’ve seen or read about this topic explains whats happening but no one is discussing how to safely leave a controlling codependent relationship. I am not with this person but we have a money tie that he is using that to threaten me in many ways. Do you have resources for talking differently to an active codependent in a situation like this?


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