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Dating in the Pandemic – Shaun Galanos – 376

By Jayson
January 5, 2022


The pandemic has affected every area of our lives—even relationships and dating. But what does the dating scene look and feel like these days…and what’s the best way to navigate it?

I’m joined this week by the knowledgeable Shaun Galanos, coach, speaker, and love guru, who talks with me about pandemic dating and what’s different/what’s not.

He has some really valuable insights to share, so check out the episode to learn more.

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  1. Kenneth Telesco

    Great Podcast ~ Thanks


      Hey again Kenneth, it was a pretty good one wasn’t it? Thanks for all you do for this community =) – Meg



  1. Dating in the Pandemic - Shaun Galanos - 376 - Date Soul - […] Source link […]

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